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Integrated Management System

This is a complete Managed Care Administrative system.  The system offers a seamless automated operation from the moment a plan member requests medical service (eligibility verification) through referral and claim processing to the issuance of an EOB and check for the service provided.  Electronic linkage between the plan providers and the Vivax PlanManager™ automates the eligibility verification, referral and claims processing, eliminating paper flow and the associated labor costs.

The ability to preset referral control parameters by health plan and by provider allows a high degree of referral automation, while preserving controls on an as-needed basis.  The real-time environment of the system encourages proactive management, making decisions from "current" reporting information when they have the most impact.  The system also forces efficiencies, which translate into improved financial controls, and improved relations between plan providers, members and administrators.  Vivax incorporates many advanced technological and management concepts including a user-centric approach that makes the Vivax Advantage™ Integrated Management System stand out from the crowd of computerized health plan systems.

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