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CyberIPA™ is a service offering complete health plan administration plus optional consultation services.  The Vivax Advantage™ Integrated Plan Manager with the power of the Internet allows Vivax to offer complete health plan administration services to organizations that normally could not cost-justify the services.  The optional consultation services are designed to assist physician groups to form IPA and offer at-risk health care services.  These services include all activities from the formation of the IPA to negotiating contracts with health care payers.

Vivax CyberIPA ancillary services include direct link to on-line pharmacies, medical related Internet search engines, physician news letter/patient news letter, "ask the Nurse" "ask the Doctor," and "Chat Rooms" for health care related topics like (patient satisfaction, patient-to-patient support, physician-to-physician forums, patient support groups).  The Internet also provides an ideal method for conducting patient satisfaction surveys and other quality insurance functions.

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