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The system offers multiple types of electronic communications between the provider and the Vivax PlanManager™.  These linkages are via the Internet (Vivax WebConnection™), Vivax Provider Card Reader Terminal, fax and conventional telephone.  The type of linkage that fits a particular provider primarily depends on frequency of use and cost of linkage.  Each linkage type has its advantages.  The telephone is suitable for a provider that has low use requirements and does not have access to the Internet.  The Provider Card Reader has the fastest response time, cost less than a PC and has the added advantage that a member card with a magnetic stripe (credit card type) can be used to initiate the verification process.  Linkage via the Vivax WebConnection™ would be the choice if the provider has a PC with a modem and access to the Internet.  The Vivax PlanManager™ can also receive claims electronically from third party claims processors.

  • Vivax Advantage WebConnection™ - (used for eligibility verification, referral submission, referral status, claim submission, claim status, reports and messages).  The advantages of using the Internet is that large amounts of information can be transferred quickly to the provider in an easy to read format.  The interactiveness also facilitates the selection of data offered by the Vivax Web Server.  To take advantage of the Internet option, the provider office requires proper hardware and access to the Internet.
  • Vivax Provider Card Reader Terminal - (used primarily to verify eligibility and referral submission).  This is a credit card type terminal with features that make it very adaptable for the health care eligibility verification, referral and claims process.  The user-friendly terminal has a small footprint, an alphanumeric keypad (to type names), and a large four-line easy-to-view display.  The terminal communicates with the Vivax Health PlanManager via conventional telephone lines, which it automatically dials after the member's identification number, or name is entered.  The member's identification can be entered into the terminal three different ways (1) swiping a plastic member card (with a magnetic stripe) through the terminal, (2) typing the member's number into the terminal or (3) typing the member's name into the terminal.  The terminal does not require a dedicated line and can share a telephone line with other office equipment such as a fax machine.
  • >FAX - (used primarily for submitting referrals).  The Vivax WorkStation was designed to receive and send information via fax from and to providers.
  • Telephone - (used primarily for eligibility verification, referral and claim status).  The Vivax Workstation was designed to give administrators instant access to membership records, allowing quick response to telephone request.


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