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Custom Plastic Card Solutions

We pride ourselves as a technologies application company.  We choose the right technologies to provide the proper solutions for your unique requirements.

Vivax brings a unique combination of creativity, technical and business skills to design and develop your custom plastics card solution. We will work as a partner from design concept to product implementation. Vivax has been a supplier of custom plastic card applications for over fifteen years.

 Examples of Vivax Solutions Using Plastic Card Technology:

  Photo ID Access Control System
  Visitor Management System
  Private Debit Card System
  Health Plan Membership Card System
  Hotel Marketing Card System



Private Debit Card System

A major university approached Vivax to develop a home grown Debit Card System that would allow students to purchase goods from on and off campus stores.  Vivax delivered the solution within a couple of months.  The system comprised of a PC, Credit/Debit Card Terminals and Plastic Cards.  The system operates similar to bank oriented debit systems, the PC contained the dollar amount available to each student, students were issued plastic ID cards and debit card terminals where installed at the retail locations.  Payment with the debit card is the same as other debit systems the student passes the plastic ID card through the terminal.  The terminal dials the PC via telephone link.  The PC looks up the account and either sends a verification or denial message back to the terminal.  The PC transfers funds from the student account to the merchants' bank account completing the purchase transaction.

Health Plan Membership Card System

Vivax in concert with a healthcare company developed a comprehensive Healthcare Plan Management System scaleable to operate the smallest to the largest Managed Healthcare Organizations in the country.  The system that Vivax developed electronically links the Healthcare Administrators with each of their service providers (doctors, hospitals etc).  The system was designed around plastic card technology, PC, credit card type terminals and plastic ID cards.  The early system provided only member verification similar to credit card verification.  The system over a period of years evolved into a complete administrative system electronically transmitting and verifying referrals, claims and payment between the plan administrators and the service providers.  The advantages of this system are fraud reduction and real time healthcare data to assist in proactive management.

Hotel Marketing Card System

Vivax was approached by an international marketing company that contracted with hotels to sell promotional packages to employees of companies located within their marketing area.  The objective of the promotion is to increase hotel revenue by attracting prospective customers that are not in their current customer base.  The promotion package includes redemption certificates and discounts for hotel services including rooms, dining and other services.  The client required a real time system to collect the results of the promotion (increased hotel revenue) to be used as a selling tool.  Vivax, again, used plastic card technology as a solution.  We designed a solution using plastic ID cards, credit card terminals and a PC to collect the data and generate reports.


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